About me

Hemanth Sharma

Welcome to my personal-professional website. I am a Musician by heart, but a Designer by profession or you can call me a design enthusiast with over two decades of experience under my belt. Yep, I've been around the design block for a while. I've tinkered with UX, web development, game design/development, public speaking, building products, heading teams and pretty much everything design-related.

Currently, I focus on design strategy, hands-on UX/Web design, storytelling, brand and product vision, hiring and mentoring design teams.

I love making things look good and work even better. From wireframes to polished mockups, I've had my hand in plenty of projects. Oh, and I've got a soft spot for mentoring new UX Designers – it's my way of giving back to the creative community.

What I do

I enjoy turning ideas into visual wonders, whether it's Graphic Design, Logo/Brand Design, or playing with design tools. It's a journey, not a job, and I'm here to share the ride and continue my learning. Join me, and let's make some cool stuff together!

  • I am a Co-founder and Design Director of a design agency/studio - Design Brained Studio, with a small team of artist-designer-illustrator-developers. We work on anything and everything related to digital design, may it be logo/brand design, web design/development, UX/UI design, or print design, video production, etc. If you are looking for a design agency, get in touch here with our team.
  • I run a Video Podcast (Design Talks with Hemanth) inviting industry experts on various subdomains of design and have elaborate discussions on the subject.
  • I run my YouTube channel to give it back to the community with my tips and video tutorials.
  • I am available for 1:1 consultation for advice/mentorship on design, career, resume/profile building, portfolio review, etc. on Topmate.

My experience

Design Brained Studio

Founded a design studio catering to all things design. I currently drive the direction of design & client interaction for all the projects and take care of multidisciplinary designs from UI/UX, Web Design & Development and Brand Design.

Blink Media

Partner at Blink Media, Australia for design & development solutions, taking up ownership of all the design projects for clients across Blink Media's clientele.

CK-12 Foundation

Built and mentored a team of designers, artists & animators to enable them to take up multidisciplinary design projects, right from UI/UX, illustrations, animation & interactive content.

Adobe Systems

Worked on many facets of product development as Web Specialist and Senior Designer. Was also a Product & Gaming Evangelist, speaking at various events and communities.

Macromedia Inc.

Worked with core product teams to test products from usability stand point and create/build apps, games and content for multi-screen.

ExcelSoft Technologies

Created art, animation and designs, while programming interactive products and content for various projects.

Few other brands I've worked with

My expertise

I position myself at that pivotal spot that is crucial in successfully coordinating with development & product teams, stakeholders & management team, design team and marketing & research teams. This ensures seamless understanding of importance of design across verticals, along with design teams understanding the criticality of involvement of all the other teams for a project/product.

Below are some of my areas of expertise that define my roles I take up in my work.

UI/UX Design
10+ years
I research, ideate, analyse and design data-backed, functional and aesthetic designs for B2C/B2B apps, products, services and content.
Brand Design
10+ years
I conceptualise, ideate, design and execute brand/logo designs for small and big companies to reflect their brand and company value, along with designing any collaterals associated with the brands.
Design Strategy
8+ years
I steer and strategise design direction for companies, bringing abstract stakeholder thoughts, ideas, feature definitions and customer requirements together into a well-defined process of design for the product development.
Web Development
14+ years
I build websites using both no-code and code platforms, using both server-side and client-side code.
Project Management
9+ years
I manage projects from concept, through delivery. Resource, cost and technical management and delivery of design along with strategy.
Team Management
8+ years
I hire, build and scale teams, involve in hands-on work and mentor design teams with a focus and alignment of their interests as well as project/company's.
Content Creation
14+ years
I write scripts, shoot, record voice-over and produce videos for tutorials, project marketing content, educational content and podcasts.
Public Speaking
14+ years
I have spoken at over 20 conferences, workshops, bootcamps, etc., on topics related to design, development & gaming.

Get in touch

Get in touch with me through my social media, or feel free to write to me using the contact form. I will do my best to get back to you.

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